Learn To Earn Day 5

To Promote Your Business,


Always Choose Catagory To Place Ad.

Try http://www.ebay.com

Make Account On Google Shop. (Only Advertisment requires Payment)

Use Facebook Page for your business. It is useful. Put pictures of your Items with details and price. Low price give more customer. Always give price in US $.


physiological aspects of Adsense.

Adsense takes 2 weeks to give place to your website.

make articles to expensive key words.

Make your duty to give atleast 2 hours daily.

Adsense takes 2 months to give earning.


Write Articles on your own selected Titles. (E.g. How Facebook works, How skype works, How youtube works.).

Don’t give your Data everywhere.

Signup on selected sites.


Daily Work to do. (2 Month)

Make 2 Postings on your website.

Write 1 Blog on good keyword.

book mark one site.


Don’t use Ad sense Account on youtube website. (Due to bane in Pakistan.)

Give your web address in Tiny Url with the slected item’s discription.


Adsense Account is disabled where publishers itself is involved in his ad posting.


Adsense pays good on CPM.

post good articles on your site which give more users fastly. give tags 5 times. 1000 users give earning.


Make Wikipedia Account on different sites,


Make blogs in Urdu Language.


Tip: Never Make Domain from Entertainment Family. Select Name with thorough search. look for most expensive Key words to chose name of domain. .net, .org, .com, .info are best result oriented LTD’s.


How I Came To WordPress.

I was interested in earning online. I tried many things. Once I visited a company who was dealing in web hosting and same kind of stuff. I found that many of such kind of people are earning money by making needy peoples fool.

But one thing I found from that company was I got knowledge about ad sense, Google and some other web paying websites.

Afraid of losing money I never tried these things. Until last Friday 25 April 2014, I was listening a radio channel of Riphah University “FM 102.2” I found programme “Learn to Earn”. Host Mr. Azhar Niaz and his guest Miss Falak Raj discussed about the basic things of online earning.

The said programme was quite effective and useful.

I created this blog on base of this programme. I will try some thing new after listening next episode of the said programme.